Wildlotus® is all about connecting you to a joyful, passionate life. Whether that means a complete change in career, starting a new business, improving relationships, personal development or kick starting a healthier lifestyle, we have the tools for you.

At Wildlotus® we believe in the art of joy. Struggle or stress is simply your body and mind’s way of telling you things are not right in your world. When you connect to your natural state of wellbeing, and follow the sensation of joy and pleasure that arises in the body when you are on track, you open up a whole way of being.

We know this works because we live and breathe it. Wildlotus® has helped hundreds of women find passion, power and purpose in their lives, no matter what age, how many children or how busy they may be.

What are you waiting for?…

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The life we want is not
merely the one we have
chosen and made.
It is the life we must be
choosing and making.
- Wendell Berry